11oz PB Blaster Penetrating Catalyst

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  • Breaks loose surface tension or rust/corrosion
  • Easily loosens rusted, warped or frozen parts
  • Lubricates and prevents rust
  • 12 cans per case
Blaster Penetrating Catalyst by PB is powerful petroleum and solvent-based formula. It quickly penetrates and frees metal parts that get rusted, frozen and squeak due to exposure to moisture and general depreciation. Blaster penetrating catalyst helps the machines and mechanical parts function efficiently and when applied to metals acts as a lubricant and rust inhibitor. The solvent formula remains on the surface and does not evaporate. It is ideal for the long-term protection of metal parts. The solvent comes in easy-to-use classic spray nozzle bottle. It is advised to take all necessary precautions before its application as it is flammable and has a high flashpoint.
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Yes, PB Blaster penetrating catalyst can be used on bikes, locks, machines, and other items with metal parts. It frees metal parts that get rusted, frozen, or squeak. You can also use it as a lubricant and rust inhibitor for general maintenance.