A Brief Guide on Safety Work Gloves

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ANSI Level 7 Cut Protection Hand Gloves

While working at a construction site or upgrading a roadway, bridge, or tunnel or repairing public gas & electrical utility lines, hands are most vulnerable to injuries. Similarly, they are the first ones to get dirty. These are the reasons why safety work gloves are considered an integral part of any workwear for any task that involves a lot of physical work, harsh chemicals, and heavy-duty machines.

Although most companies understand the importance of providing safety  gloves for their teams, choosing the best pair can be challenging. That is why we have put together this guide. Here, we will go over the benefits of wearing safety gloves, the materials available, and factors to consider when researching the best safety work gloves.

4 Reasons You Need to Wear Safety Gloves

Before we start discussing the details of good safety work gloves, it is important to recap the reasons why safety gloves are needed.  


When you add a thick layer of fabric or any other material over your hands in the form of a good pair of work gloves, you protect them in many ways. Gloves can protect your hands from a range of hazards, from electric shocks to strong chemicals. They also let you touch, push and pull hot objects without experiencing a burn.

The correct safety work gloves also protect the wearers hands from cuts and lacerations when handling sharp and dangerous objects, which can be found in construction or industrial applications. 

Safety work gloves are available with padding on the back to minimize the impact of objects falling on your hands.

Improved Grip

Most of the top-quality safety work gloves also provide added grip to your fingers and palms for holding and moving heavy and slippery objects. For instance, there are some leather and knitted work gloves that come with different palm coatings that help maintain your grip. 

Workplace Compliance

In many cases, wearing safety gloves is part of workplace compliance. Not wearing them can lead to penalties for workers as well as employers.  

Temperature Insulation

A top-of-the-line pair of safety work gloves provides temperature insulation that comes useful while working in extreme weather conditions. In winter, they protect your hands from frostbite and other cold weather hazards.  There are also gloves available that protect the wearers hands against hot objects. These are used by welders and foundry workers.

Top Materials for Safety Work Gloves

Safety work gloves come in different materials, each suited to a different task. 


Leather has been in use for making safety work gloves for hundreds of years.  The most popular type of leathers are cowhide, goatskin and pigskin, while deerskin is used to make premium gloves.  Leather offers excellent abrasion and heat resistant qualities.  We should mention that leather is a natural material and is available in different grades and qualities, and more economical leather gloves may contain flaws.  


Flock lined or dipped rubber gloves are waterproof and have excellent flexibility and dexterity.  These gloves are often specialized and created for specific tasks such as chemical handling and electrical protection.  Rubber gloves need to be regularly inspected to detect peeling, cuts, or cracks that would compromise their effectiveness.  

Synthetic Materials

PVC, polyester, and nylon are some of the synthetic materials used in making work gloves. These materials provide the required protection with decent flexibility at a competitive price.

Top Factors to Consider for Buying the Best Safety Work Gloves

Besides the right size selection, these are some factors you need to consider when choosing the best safety work gloves.

Palm Coating 

There are many palm coatings available, from economical polyurethane to sophisticated foam nitrile, each coating is good for different applications. Some work gloves come with padded palm grips to provide added protection against vibrating machinery and physical knocks.

Glove Lining

If you are picking work gloves for a worksite where the temperature usually remains high, you should go with gloves made of breathable material, this will help keep your hands cool. If you are working in winter condition, make sure you purchase thermal lined gloves, to help prevent frostbite.

Cut Level

Some jobsites specify certain cut levels for specific tasks, others mandate a certain cut level across the entire jobsite irrespective of the task. The cut protection is achieved by blending high performance fibers with steel and/or fiberglass. The cut level is regulated by ANSI, and are available in A1A7, the higher the number the higher the level of protection.


If your work involves a lot of palm and finger movement, you should opt for gloves that are protective but soft and flexible enough to provide the needed dexterity.  Knitted gloves offer the best dexterity, and some of the cut rated gloves are the most dexterous.

Purpose-Built Feature

If you are researching gloves on our website, can also find purpose-built work safety gloves. By picking a pair based on its purpose, you do not have to stress over other features. These are some of the purpose-built work safety gloves that you can find:


You don’t have to break your bank to get the best safety work gloves. You can easily find top-quality work gloves for all purposes within $20-30.

Whether you want a single pair or need to procure a large batch of the best safety work gloves, check out PowerPak Civil & Safety. We’ve served the New York Metro area for over 25 years with a large selection of top-of-the-line personal protection equipment, including safety work gloves.

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