Blood Born Pathogen Kit

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  • Comes with instruction about how to deal with biohazards
  • Packed in a weather resistant plastic case
  • Has four powder free nitrile gloves
  • Contains germicidal and anti-microbial wipes


Do you know how to clean up a mess involving bodily fluids or blood? The PowerPak Blood Borne Pathogen Kit is the answer. It's made for situations when you need to deal with spills safely. Inside, you'll find four powder-free nitrile gloves to protect your hands from the risk of infection. The kit also includes a biohazard bag for safely getting rid of contaminated materials. We know only some know how to handle biohazards, so we've put clear instructions in the kit to guide you through the process without any guesswork. For those big spills, there's a disposable apron to keep you covered and a 10g fluid solidifier that turns liquids into solids for easier cleanup. You also get a scooper and scraper to pick up solidified waste, plus antimicrobial hand wipes and germicidal hard surface wipes to clean off your tools and work area afterward. All of this comes packed in a weather-resistant plastic case, so you're ready for whatever the jobsite has in store for you.


This kit isn't just a bunch of unusable stuff; it's a way to confidently handle messy, potentially risky situations with the right equipment on hand. With the PowerPak Blood Borne Pathogen Kit, you're prepared to tackle those spills quickly and get back to work. These kits are in-stock and can be ordered today for next-day jobsite delivery.


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