91151 SIKATOP 123 Plus (part A and B)

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  • Two-part polymer-modified non-sag mortar
  • High-performance repair mortar for horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Freeze-thaw durability and resistance to deicing salts
  • ANSI/NSF Standard 61 potable water approved
  • 1 Gal component A and 44Ib bag component B
  • 48 per pallet

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SikaTop-123 Plus is a two-component, polymer-modified, Portland cement-based, fast-setting, non-sag mortar. It is a high-performance repair mortar for vertical and overhead surfaces. It also offers the additional benefit of Sika FerroGard 901, a penetrating corrosion inhibitor included in its formulation. It offers high compressive and flexural strengths with extremely low shrinkage proven by four industry-standard test methods. It is compatible with the coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete - Passes ASTM C 884. The non-sag mortar has increased density and offers improved carbon dioxide resistance (carbonation) without adversely affecting water vapor transmission.
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Sikatop 123 plus is a two-component mortar. After adding component ‘B’ to component ‘A’ it takes only 20 to 60 minutes to set. The finishing time may be affected by temperature, relative humidity, substrate temperature, wind, sun, and other job sites conditions.