Neck Shade,Hi-Viz, Yellow

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Hi-Viz Yellow neck shade

This highly visible neck shade can be worn with or without hat

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Neck shades protect the back of the neck from sunburn caused by working in direct sunlight. It keeps the workers cooler and allows them to work in the sun for longer period of time. Neck shade by PowerPak is available in high visibility yellow color to make it easier to identify the worker even from a distance. It is made from pure cotton fabric and soft terry cloth at the forehead for added comfort. The cotton fabric facilitates airflow for better perspiration evaporation and keeps workers comfortable for long time. The universal size neck shade can be worn alone or under a hard hat.
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No, neck-shades are designed to act as shields for protecting the back of the neck from direct sunlight. It is made of lightweight cotton fabric to allow better airflow and evaporation. Cooling bandanas acts as a cold pack for headaches, achy muscles, and heat flashes. Unlike neck shades, cooling bandanas are often soaked in water before use.