CONTRACTOR Waterfilled Barrier

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  • 61" x 33"
  • Durable Construction
  • Molded Forklift Lifting Points
  • Supplied with connecting piece


Contractor Waterfilled Barrier

Built to Last, Ready for Action

The 61" x 33" Waterfilled Barrier is built for durability and ease of use. It features molded forklift lifting points and a barricade light holder, making it easy to handle and increase visibility. It weighs 150 lbs when filled and 48 lbs when unfilled. It comes with a 4" fill cap and a 2" drain plug, simplifying the filling and draining process. The barrier's design includes three round edges on each side, which provide clear visibility to drivers from various angles. Constructed from polyethylene with UV8 protection, this barrier resists chemical agents and withstands harsh conditions. Its thick walls and reinforced edges make it highly resistant to impacts, especially at the edges and corners. The pore-free surface ensures it can be cleaned quickly and easily. If you need a new fill cap for your barrier, you can get it here. To purchase a replacement connector, visit Replacement Connector.

Reliable Protection On Demand

At PowerPak, we know staying ready is key for every jobsite. That's why our Contractor Waterfilled Barriers are always in stock and ready to go. Built tough and easy to move, these barriers give you the visibility and protection you need to keep your site safe. And with our next-day trackable delivery, you won't be left hanging. Order now and get the barriers that help you stay ahead.


Contractor WFB Overview Sheet.pdf
Water Filled Barrier Spec Sheet.pdf

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