2 Bottle Eyewash Station - 16 oz.

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  • Flushes away hazardous substances from eyes quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Adequate first response to eye exposure
  • Made of purified water
Pac-Kit Eyewash Station comes with two 16 oz eyewash bottles. Eyewash stations are required because even with excellent engineering controls and other safety precautions, chemical exposure can still occur. The ever-present possibility of such exposure requires that job sites have emergency stations where workers can clean their eyes. Typically, industrial work sites with hazardous chemical splashes or fumes can irritate the eye. This eyewash station is mandatory at such places, providing all the basic supplies needed for quickly washing the eye and preventing possibly serious eye injuries. The eye solution provides on-the-spot decontamination by flushing away hazardous substances, including debris and dust that can prove damaging. The eyewash solution in this first aid station is used to soothe irritation, stinging, redness, watery eyes, discomfort, and inflammation.
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