20 Gal. Drum Spill Kit

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  • 20-gallon drum for small-medium response
  • Screw top lid
  • Lightweight container
  • Keeps work zone clean and dry
The Drum Spill Kit contains all the right sorbents, accessories, and PPE required to handle emergency spills of oil, coolant, fuel, solvent, or water. The pre-packed spill kit stores all the absorbents in an orderly manner and allows for their easy access during spill control operations. The 20-gallon drum is UN-approved for shipping waste for small to medium level spillages. The versatile container is made using water and chemical-resistant polyethylene and has a screw-top lid. Ideal for catering to water-based, petroleum-based, and chemical fluids, the spill kit ensures worker safety at spill-prone zones. The quick-response spill kit comes in handy for use at laboratories, manufacturing units, chemical clean-up, and other such applications.
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