8 oz Air Horns

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  • Push button horn
  • 12 per case
  • 8 oz can
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Material Steel/Plastic
Fortem 8 oz Air Horns are one of the most essential rescue equipment used across the construction industry and has extensive, maritime application. These push button horns are a part of emergency utilities mounted on marine vehicles like boats or ships - commercial or sporting. On such marine vessels, the rescue horn is used to make a loud sound and alert the passing ships or boats during an emergency. The air horn is used across busy construction sites too. It works as a loud, warning tool to let others know about the movement of heavy vehicles and equipment. It might also be used to indicate one's whereabouts when stuck in an emergency situation like a cave-in or accident. This push button horn has been perfected for such critical, safety utility as it should remain functional despite long periods of not being used and not succumb to wear and tear.
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It is a good idea to wipe down air horns periodically. Regular cleaning helps to maintain sound quality. If the sound level gets diminished over time, one should remove the horn topper and clean; or replace the air chamber.