Bio Med 7oz eyewash station

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  • For use on eyes and skin
  • Easy to read directions on mount
  • Bag-in-can pressure spray
  • Sterile wash
Bio Med Eye Wash helps remove particulate matter, crusted exudates produced from cuts and abrasions, and chemical irritants from the skin and eyes. Containing 100% Bio-Logic Aqua, the sterile spray boasts an ideal pH level. The all-natural, pure tissue-culture grade of water is an emergency first aid eye wash for wound management at work sites. The heavy mist sprayer is a reliable alternative to distilled, saline, and tap water and proves useful across a variety of applications. The 7 oz eyewash station meets the criteria for personal eyewash station" as per ANSI standards and comes with an adhesive mount. The easy-to-read directions facilitate easy usage and help reduce risks during emergencies.
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