Blood Born Pathogen Kit

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  • Comes with instruction about how to deal with biohazards
  • Packed in a weather resistant plastic case
  • Has four powder free nitrile gloves
  • Contains germicidal and anti-microbial wipes
PowerPak Blood Borne Pathogen Kit is a step above all-purpose medical kits. It is used when there is a bodily fluid or blood spill. It is used to clean-up such spills safely and effectively. This emergency kit has 4 powder-free nitrile gloves which are essential for handling bodily fluids without risking infection. The blood borne kit has 1 biohazard bag which can be used to carry biohazard materials. As not everyone knows how to deal with biohazards at the jobsite, the pathogen kit has clear instructions. This first aid emergency kit has a disposable apron that is useful for personnel cleaning-up spills or blood. It also has a 10 g fluid solidifier which can solidify biohazards, rendering them more manageable. The kit has a scooper and scraper along with antimicrobial handwipes and germicidal hard surface wipes.
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