8 Ounce Bottle Bacteriostatic Sterile Eye Wash Preservative

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  • Haws® 5 ounce Bacteriostatic Water Preservative is ideal for use in portable eyewash stations. One 5 ounce bottle will preserve 5 - 20 gallon of portable water for up to three months. This 'sterile' solution is in compliance with FDA regulations and needs temperature storage requirements oft 36 - 104 deg F and use at 59 - 86 deg F.
Bacteriostatic Sterile Eyewash Preservative by Haws is used in portable eyewash stations. It helps to keep the water sterile and free from contaminants. One 5-ounce bottle of Haws bacteriostatic sterile eyewash preservative can treat 5 -20 gallons of potable water and keep it preserved for up to 3 months. The eyewash preservative is made in full compliance with FDA regulations. It needs a storage temperature of 36 -104 degrees F. For best results, use the eyewash preservative at a temperature range of 59 - 89 degrees F. Haws eyewash preservative boasts a long shelf life of 3 years.
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