Krylon 17oz Marking Paint

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  • Solvent based marking paint
  • 12 cans per case
  • High delivery output
  • Available in 10 colors
17oz Marking Paint by Krylon is an essential marking accessory used by workers in different end-use industries like construction , building repair & maintenance, and garden & landscaping. Marking paint helps to mark the job site for clear distinction from other areas. It helps prevent hazards and accidents by cautioning people about the job site. Krylon marking paints are a popular choice for their quality. This durable paint is solvent-based and available in ten different colours to choose from. Krylon marking paints promises high delivery output and are fade-resistant i.e. the paint does not decolour easily even under harsh weather condition and lasts longer. These paints are perfecto to mark locations or zones on the ground, across all types of surfaces.
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Krylon marking paint is solvent-based hence it delivers resistance against fading and decoloring even under harsh weather conditions.