PowerPak 16.9oz Bottled Water - 24 per case

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  • 24 bottles per case
  • 72 cases per pallet
  • UV light water treatment
  • Reverse osmosis filtration
  • Ozonation filtration
Whether it is an industrial job site or workers doing backyard duty or landscaping, hydration remains the most critical need, ensuring workers keep-up their productivity. While job sites usually invest in water dispenser taps, there can be chaos when the working team is big and people crowding at the tap can get messy. Rather than investing maintenance around numerous water dispensers, it makes sense to distribute clean drinking water in the form of easy-to-carry bottles. The 16.9oz Bottled Water Pack by PowerPak is one such practical and useful alternative to a water dispenser. The conveniently-sized bottles are compact to carry, reusable and quench the thirst anywhere-anytime. The water promises maximum purity levels as it has been purified using filtration, UV light treatment, reverse osmosis, and ozonation.
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No. Industrial water is used for washing, colling, or fabricating purposes whereas our bottled water is pure drinking water, used to quench thirst. Each bottle contains highly purified water safe for consumption. Our water passes through a 4-stage purification process before being packed.
The pH level of PowerPak Bottled Water is ~7.