Delineator Base, Black, Recycled Rubber, 12 lb

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  • Recycled rubber
  • 12 lb
  • Eco-friendly
  • Octagon-shaped
More Information
Color Black
Material Recycled Rubber
The 12 lb rubber base helps a delineator to stay upright. Delineator posts are used in high-traffic areas and construction sites. The posts need a solid base to perform, as effective visual and physical barriers. Built with recycled rubber, the base is eco-friendly and designed to meet the toughest conditions out there. The base has an octagon shape. This improve its stability, even on uneven terrains. Its shape also fits most standard delineator bars. The base also packs a stacking ring, preventing it from sliding-off even when stacked, making it easier to quickly barricade a high-risk area at a job site. This tough delineator base also makes the delineator post a more effective physical barrier and is commonly used in parking lots, event-hosting venues, and airports. Expect high resistance to fading, cracking or splitting.
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Yes, the 12 lb rubber base shows high resistance to fading, cracking, or splitting. The tough base is made with recycled rubber and endures harsh weather conditions.