Delineator Post, 2 Recessed Reflective Collars, MUTCD Compliant, PVC Plastic, 42"

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  • 42in high
  • 100% recyclable
  • PVC plastic material
  • Meets MUTCD requirements
  • Rubber base sold separately
This 42” delineator post is built with PVC plastic to ensure longer-term use in outdoor conditions. The post can be used to mark hazardous areas in work sites. This reflective post is often used to set-up visual barriers for a pedestrian crossing or to mark safer passage for motorists or pedestrians. The PVC post comes with 2 recessed reflective collars that helps to catch viewer’s attention instantly, even in low-light conditions. The delineator post has been manufactured using low-density polyethylene, making it 100% recyclable and still, more flexible. Use of UV inhibitors prevent the post from fading while the recessed stem prevents damage to the reflective bands. The MUTCD post meets the standards for road safety posts in the toughest weather conditions. Such road work safety posts are often used at construction sites to prevent unforeseen accidents. They can be quickly gathered for creating effective, highly visual barricading.
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The delineator post is constructed with durable PVC material and has 2 recessed reflective collars that help garner attention from motorists and pedestrians from a distance, even in low-light conditions.