OXFORD 44" x 44" LOWPRO Trench Cover

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  • Pedestrian and driveway board
  • Suitable for a 27” trench
  • Reduces noise pollution and noise complaints
  • Central section made of steel reinforced composite
  • Shock-resistant patented LowPro technology
  • Anti-slide, non-pinned and self-weighted
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
More Information
Color Yellow
Material Reinforced Composite
Trench Cover by Oxford is used to cover temporary holes, dug-up sites, and broken roads. It allows for smoother movement of vehicles and pedestrians. It is heavier than traditional trench covers and features a PVC anti-slip edge. The zig-zag pattern on the trench cover greatly reduces trip hazards for jaywalkers. This durable 44” x 44” trench plate efficiently covers 27.5 in. trench. There is no need for expensive installation equipment to fit this road plate. It does not need to be bolted down and remains very stable. The central section of the shock-resistant trench cover is made from glass reinforced composite.
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