OXFORD Fiberglass Trench Cover

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  • 47" x 63"
  • 73lbs
  • Yellow
  • 4410lbs weight limit
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Chamfered edges to prevent tripping
  • Covers trenches up to 35.4" wide
More Information
Color Yellow
Material Fiberglass
Weighing 73 lb, the Oxford Fiberglass Trench Cover is lighter than a steel cover and sturdier than a wooden plate. It is molded from a single piece of glass reinforced composite that gives it durability and sturdiness. The yellow trench cover can efficiently handle the distributed weight of a vehicle up to 4410 lb. It features a ribbed framework on the underside for added strength. The road plate is ergonomically designed with a slip-resistant surface and chamfered edges to prevent tripping. The wide surface area makes it ideal for sidewalks and driveway access. The road plate efficiently covers the trench with a maximum width of 35.4 inches.
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The trench cover can handle up to 4410 pounds and is suited for walkways and sidewalks. This is fit for heavy pedestrian traffic on curbs. This product is not designed for road or vehicular traffic.
The fiberglass trench cover is stronger than a wooden plate and lighter than a steel cover. Hence, it is easier to carry around as compared to steel covers and displays similar strength.