36" x 100' Contractor Grade Silt Fence

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  • Hardwood Stakes every 10'
  • 36"x 100' Silt Fence
  • Helps prevent runoff and erosion
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Color Black
Contractor Grade Silt Fence by PowerPak is used in sloping and weak soil surfaces to prevent erosion and runoff. It is made from durable MISF150 fabric that gives it high grab tensile strength. It exhibits resistance to puncture and wear and tear. The silt fence is equipped with nominal 1” x 1” x 48” hardwood stakes every 10’ amounting to a total of 11 such posts in the pack. The durable silt fence has passed the ASTM 6461 testing. It has a flow rate permittivity of 30 gpm/sq.ft. The geotextile is UV resistant and retains 80% of its strength after being exposed to UV rays for 500 hours. The silt barrier displays high Mullen burst strength of 325 lb, making it suitable for difficult outdoor conditions.
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This contractor-grade silt fence does allow water to pass through it. The flow rate permittivity is ASTM D 4491 30 GPM/sq. Ft.