50' 12/3 AWG Contractor ext cord

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  • Heavy-duty power cords
  • Illuminated plugs to indicate power
  • 12/3 Extension cords
  • 4 Cords per case
The AWG contractor-grade extension cord cable is designed for heavy-duty applications, both indoors and outdoors. This electrical cable is commonly used in grinders, routers, drills, and band saws and features strain relief on plug ends. The electrical cable is cut at 50 ft and complies with UL and OSHA standards. The round, highly conductive copper conductor with illuminated plugs and connectors at both ends ensures better durability, excellent flexibility, high tensile strength, and good thermal conductivity. The conductor is rated 15 Amps and has 12/3 extension cords that are resistant to weather, chemicals, oil, water, grease, sun, and abrasion. The bright yellow color of the insulation dramatically improves the visibility of the cable.
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Yes, the 50' 12/3 extension cord is resistant to weather, chemicals, oil, water, grease, sun, and abrasion, thereby providing excellent performance under all conditions - indoor or outdoor.