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If you are working with concrete, we have the hand tools and accessories for you. PowerPak Civil & Safety understands the time, effort and precision put into pouring concrete, and we know the job isn't finished just because concrete has been poured. That's why we offer a complete line of concrete products and supplies for your construction site.

Concrete Blankets

We carry concrete blankets to ensure that the concrete cures sufficiently to build its compressive strength. Our heavy-duty reinforced concrete coverings will protect freshly poured concrete from moisture, contamination or rapid evaporation.

Concrete blankets will also help keep unwanted heat and light away, keeping the area cooler in the summer and trapping heat in the winter. This quality will allow the concrete to cure to its maximum strength and meet the relevant safety standards and regulations.

We sell our concrete blankets in 6-by-25-feet and 12-by-25-feet rolls. Each is made of closed-cell polyethylene foam lined with rust-proof grommets for long-lasting protection.

Features of Our Concrete Blankets

  • Heavy duty reinforced Poly coverings
  • Webbing reinforced edges
  • Rot resistant thread
  • Closed cell Polyethylene foam
  • Rust proof grommets

Concrete Test Cylinders

Testing your equipment and material before using it in a construction project is the first step in the process of completion. By testing what you're working with, you can make sure you're using a product that will pass inspection, function as needed and keep you and your workers safe. Because it's used throughout so much construction work and is the foundation of so many projects, concrete must be tested to make sure it meets standards before being used on the actual project.

If you're looking to buy concrete test cylinders, PowerPak Civil & Safety will supply you with them. Our test cylinders are 6 inches in diameter and 1 foot tall. They come labeled and are made of bio-degradable material to help you cut down on waste. We also carry lids for concrete test cylinders, so you'll have everything you need to send your concrete samples to a lab for compression strength testing.

Concrete Washout Trays & Bags

These concrete washouts are designed to be a convenient, portable solution for harmful industrial concrete, paint, dry wall mud, stucco, and mortar wet waste. With these Concrete Washouts your job site will be organized, eco-friendly and BMP compliant to avoid costly fines. They are designed for easy transportation and storage and simple, quick set-up in minutes. Dispose of after evaporation and job completion.

If you're looking to buy concrete washout bags or commercial concrete washout trays, PowerPak Civil & Safety is the choice for you.

Disposable concrete washout bags: Capable of holding up to 0.67 cubic yards of wet or dry material, this durable bag stands up on its own. Due to its liner, it won't let any waste material escape.
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