RED Bilingual Danger tape - 3" x 1000'

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  • 3" x 1000'
  • Economical way to mark potential hazards and dangers
  • Bilingual
The Bilingual Caution Tape by PowerPak is designed to protect workers, pedestrians, and children by helping them identify threats with ease. The tape helps in demarcating hazardous areas or elements at construction sites, work areas, and crime scenes. It is also used as a part of crowd control measures or to barricade potentially-dangerous zones at job sites. All words are printed in crisp, bold black lettering on a red polyethylene material for maximum readability and visibility. The striking red color of the tape and bold black text ensures visible contrast, while the durable polyethylene construction makes the tape strong and thick. This tape can be easily tacked to posts, trees, or machinery to create a sense of caution and avoid unforeseen accidents.
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Yes, danger tape indicates a higher level of a hazard than caution tape. Danger tapes are used where there is a chance of grave injury or even death. Usually, the entry in such places is restricted to official personnel or with permission only. The Danger tape can also be read as "DO NOT ENTER" from users perspective.