Contractor Grade Long Handled Flat Shovel

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  • Heat treated 1.6 mm blade
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Powder-coated blade
  • Steel collar
The Contractor Grade Pointed Shovel by Fortem has extra-long handle measuring 48” in length. The shovel is ideally suited for digging, lifting and moving bulk material. It has heat treated carbon steel blade that is sturdy and durable. The blade is powder-coated for better finish. The shovel is ergonomically designed with long handle for tight grip and avoids fatigue. The steel collar is a useful addition as it does not rust and keeps the blade and handle tightly in place. The steel collar further secures the shovel from being damaged or distorted in shape.
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Yes, we boast a complete range of both long-handled and short-handled shovels with pointed and flat variants in each. Check out SKUs 41967 and 41965 for pointed shovels.