Professional Grade Fiberglass Short Handled Pointed Shovel

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  • 3.5 mm heavy duty fiberglass
  • Robust ‘D’ handle
  • 1.6 mm heat treated carbon steel blade
  • Steel collar

Short Handled Shovel

Short-handled pointed shovels are perfect tools for digging and scooping applications in landscaping, construction and general contracting. The point at the end of the blade allows for easy penetration in challenging digging conditions. The short handle will enable you to maneuver in tighter spaces where long-handled shovels might be impractical.

Shop Short Handled Shovels at PowerPak

PowerPak supplies a pointed shovel by Fortem with a heat-treated carbon steel blade and fiberglass handle. The handle's end is part of an ergonomic design that enhances grip and promotes more efficient operation. The short handle offers more convenient storage and transportation options than long-handled shovels.

Our pointed shovel contains a rust-free steel collar to provide a secure connection between the handle and the blade. The robust handle consists of heavy-duty 3.5-millimeter fiberglass to deliver many years of use down the road. 

Several highlighted product features include:

  • D-handgrip for added leverage and control.
  • Durable round-point blade.
  • Heavy-duty collar for a secure blade-to-handle connection.

Buy Short Handled Professional Shovels Today

Short-handled shovels are versatile tools every contracting and construction company should bring to each job they tackle. These shovels are compact enough to fit into any car or work van without the hassle. Place your order today to ensure a quick delivery within the next 24 hours.

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Yes, this short-handled pointed shovel is portable. It is ergonomically designed with a short D-handle that makes it compact and lightweight. The shovel can comfortably fit in the car without any damage or distortion of shape.