Our Commitment to the Environment

Energy Reduction Target

Biodegradable Product Ranges: PowerPak is committed to exploring new opportunities and technologies to bring state-of-the-art biodegradable products to an industry that is very reliant on plastic products. In addition, through vendor partnerships we prioritize spend on items with recycled content to do our part to reduce landfill waste.

Implement Yearly Energy Usage Reporting: Annual energy usage reports highlight our company-wide commitment to reduce waste. The PowerPak team reviews these reports to prioritize and action areas of excess waste and energy usage – we encourage and reward input from the entire team. As required, we will also partner with Energy Efficiency consultants to leverage areas of improvement in the Electrical system (Lighting, plug loads, motor efficiency) Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R), Water Heating and Water Conservation.

Cost-Effective approaches to reducing fossil fuels: Having already made the switch to full LED lighting in our largest facility, PowerPak will continue to partner with key stake holders to further review cost-effective approaches to reducing fossil fuel usage in our facilities as well as our inbound and outbound transportation lanes.

GHG Emissions Target

Fully Supporting Electric Vehicles: PowerPak will aggressively accelerate the move toward electric cars and delivery vans, by transitioning our fleet of vans to electric vehicles as these solutions become more commercially available. We will also explore opportunities with innovative technologies to reduce our fossil fuel usage on medium duty trucks through route optimization and stringent standards on unnecessary fuel waste such as idling.

Keeping our Vendors accountable: PowerPak has implemented vendor sustainability scorecards and engage in yearly reviews with each of our key partners to ensure everyone is doing their part towards a clean future.

Lowering our Carbon Footprint: PowerPak is committed to aggressively lowering our carbon footprint, through utilizing carbon offset strategies and engaging the services of consultants to build a pathway toward becoming Carbon Neutral.

Water Use Target

Partnering with Strategic Vendors: PowerPak has partnered with strategic vendors that use full water-cleaning systems and eliminate any potential risk to the environment through extensive filtration and restoration.

Waste Reduction Target

Recycling Initiatives: PowerPak has implemented a carboard baler to recycle all cardboard and has aggressive goals to institute further recycle programs in the future. Examples include plastic recycling, and a focus on using sustainable food sources.

Employee Training: PowerPak recognizes that focus on sustainability does not stop when the business closes for the day, which is why we will implement employee training on recycling and reusing to drive focus, not only at their place of work, but also in their homes.

What We Are Doing About It

  • Replace all warehouse lighting in Congers, NY HQ with an energy efficient LED lighting system.
  • Focus on recyclable waste through implementing a cardboard baler.
  • Reduce waste through implementing hand dryers - reducing paper towel usage and helping the environment.
  • Reduce plastic water bottle usage by removing them from use in PowerPak offices and installing cold water machines, with reusable bottles.

Baseline Metrics (2021)

GHG Emissions:

  • Scope 1: 520 Metric Tons CO2e
  • Scope 2: 9 Metric Tons CO2e

Energy Usage: 80,000 kWh

Water Usage:

  • Total Water Withdrawn: 200 Gallons
  • Total Water Withdrawn: 7,800 Gallons


  • Total Non-Hazardous: 85 Metric Tons
  • Total Waste Recycled: 30 Metric Tons