UltraPure DEF - 2.5gal Jugs

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UltraPure DEF - 2.5gal Jugs is available to buy in increments of 2
  • DEF is designed for use in diesel engines with SCR technology
  • 2.5 Gal Jugs
  • 2 Jugs per case
  • 80 Jugs (40 cases) per pallet

Shipping Information: Additional freight charges may apply to orders outside of the 10/4 area
UltraPure (DEF) Diesel Exhaust Fluid is used to control potentially harmful emissions produced by diesel engines that are commonly employed as a part of construction site activities. Using these heavy-duty jugs, DEF is stored in a reservoir separate from the fuel tank. When a diesel engine is switched on, DEF is carefully metered into the engine's exhaust stream to control harmful emissions. DEF primarily helps to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions that are considered harmful for the environment. DEF is ideal for use in industries that use heavy machinery and trucks powered by diesel engines. When such industries use DEF, the amount of air pollution they produce by operating machinery and trucks is reduced. These 2.5 gallon jugs make it easy to store DEF and move it around the construction site.
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Yes, the Diesel Exhaust Fluid is sold in heavy-duty jugs that store about 2.5 gallons of fluid. The jugs have a carry handle that makes them portable and can be moved around a construction site.
Yes, each 2.5-gallon jug comes with a flexible spout that attaches to the screw-top.