3.2oz 2 Cycle Oil

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  • 1 can treats 1 gallon oil
  • Extends engine life
  • Reduces plug fouling
  • Designed to perform in range of conditions
LubriMatic 3.2oz E-Z 2-Cycle Oil is a top-quality lubricant meant for 2-stroke engines. It has been formulated for use in high operating temperature. The two-cycle oil helps to improve the performance and extend the life of small engines that are usually found in many handheld tools. Regular use of this 2T oil can reduce issues like plug fouling. It provides excellent protection against wear and tear that creep-ups over time and performs well across a high-temperature range, making it very useful for job sites and environments that regularly use equipment powered by 2-stroke engines. The lubrication oil is an essential part of equipment maintenance across industries or households that use chainsaws, trimmers, motorcycles, snow blowers, and mowers. The air-cooled 2-cycle engine oil meets API-tc performance level specifications. A single 3.2oz bottle of this oil is sufficient to treat 1 gallon of gasoline!
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Yes, E-Z 2-Cycle oil effectively protects against rust. It also reduces pre-ignition and plug-fouling tendencies while reducing combustion chamber and piston deposits. It is highly recommended for heavy-duty, air-cooled, two-cycle engines in all applications.