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Commercial Garbage Cans and Liners

Construction and utility job sites often have a lot of heavy, sharp objects needing disposal. Garbage cans and liners from PowerPak provide convenient and safe disposal areas. 

Tough construction garbage cans handle your heaviest loads without breaking, even when used outside in severe weather. They are also easy to clean between jobs. Add a garbage can dolly to ease the transport of heavy-duty garbage bins throughout the workplace, even over uneven surfaces. Trash can lids protect outdoor cans from moisture and allow you to stack cans to save space.

Heavy-Duty Can Liners

Industrial-strength can liners use durable puncture- and tear-resistant plastic, allowing workers to dispose of construction debris. They also hold a large amount of waste, reducing trips to the dumpster.

Make Waste Disposal Simpler

PowerPak has heavy-duty commercial trash cans and liners for your job site. Get these products in the New York, Philadelphia and Seattle metro areas and beyond.