Personal Protective Equipment

Construction Site PPE

Since 1996, our team has remained committed to expanding PowerPak's inventory of safety products for all aspects of a job. Every construction site carries risks, but we pride ourselves on keeping you prepared. When protecting your team's eyes from potential hazards, safety glasses and goggles are crucial -- and we will help you make an informed PPE choice for proper eye protection and beyond. Our PPE products include hard hats, safety helmets, disposable masks, cut-resistant gloves, safety glasses, and goggles to protect your crew against physical, electrical, heat, chemical, biohazard, or airborne particle hazards. Bulk order your work gloves, face shields, eye protection, supplied air systems, reusable respirators, earplugs, metatarsals, chaps and aprons, and ergonomic supports.

Gloves for Construction Workers

Get a grip on your construction by matching your hand protection to your jobsite tasks . Elevate your job site safety with PowerPak's comprehensive range of hand protection solutions. Demanding industrial tasks call for work gloves that won't compromise comfort or functionality. From the grip of palm-coated gloves ideal for precision-focused jobs to the defense from cut-resistant gloves against potential cuts and abrasions, each product delivers confidence in challenging work conditions. Extend protection beyond the hands with cut-resistant sleeves, adding an extra protectant layer without impeding mobility. Impact-resistant gloves provide a safeguard when performing tasks involving vibrations and impacts. Our leather gloves are a standard choice for rigorous work environments, while electrical insulated gloves and sleeves create a barrier against electrical hazards. For optimal hygiene, disposable gloves maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination, while chemical-resistant gloves offer a critical defense when handling hazardous materials. Practical accessories such as glove bags, glove clips, and glove powder prevent loss and manage sweat. PowerPak PPE also addresses high-temperature challenges with heat-resistant gloves and comfort in harsh weather with thermal insulated gloves.

Construction Safety Gear to Protect you from Harsh Weather at Work

From the road to the trenches, every job site is complex and has plenty of safety precautions to consider. Head protection, like hard hats and safety helmets, is the first line of defense on most job sites, safeguarding workers from potentially life-threatening hazards. From hard hats built for impact resistance to accessories like helmet halos and headlamps that enhance visibility, our gear intends to keep crews focused and protected with confidence. Face shields and visors guard against debris and heat, while comfort accessories like cooling shades and sherpa winter liners act as backup weather protectors. Weather the storm with temperature control products for shielding against heat and cold stress - balaclavas, hard hat liners, and hand warming and boot packs to keep workers warm and dry. We prioritize fit and functionality, providing maximum protection without compromising your workflow. No matter the challenge or weather conditions, your safety is our commitment.

Avoid Injuries with Proper Protective Equipment

Niche jobs, such as welding, chainsaw operation, battery acid handling, and marine safety device use, require special attention to the protection provided by the clothing and equipment. We offer heavy-duty kneeling pads, specialty helmets, gel knee pads, and back support belts with suspenders to defend against ergonomic injuries. Additionally, we provide welding curtains to effectively block UV light heat-resistant blankets that can shield other materials against splatter. If your crew works in marine construction and needs flotation devices best suited for inshore work, we have PFDs, whistles, and rescue kits to keep them safe. And for chainsaw operators, our specialty helmets and chaps will protect the head, face, eyes, ears, and legs. For welders wondering which piece of their damaged safety gear they should replace, we carry welding chaps, welding jackets, goggles, leather gloves, and welding aprons to protect from sparks and heat.

The Power of Work Safety Gear Delivered Directly to You

There's no room for compromise when it comes to safety in work zones. It's impossible to predict when accidents will happen, but one thing's for sure: personal protection starts with quality gear. Ensuring safety in work zones is crucial, and our team is ready to assist you in discovering the most effective and budget-friendly option to prevent incidents from happening on your construction site. Don't compromise safety – save money in the long term by investing in reusable protective equipment. Let's work together to create a safe work environment for everyone.