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PowerPak carries a wide range of construction ladders with various heights and designs. Every team has different reach needs, and our ladders get you safely from the ground to a higher location. With scaffolding, you can work safely on a platform from high locations.

Our most popular products include:

  • 6' TYPE IAA Fiberglass sectionals: Get the base, intermediate and top sections to create a full 6-foot ladder with slip-resistant treads. 
  • Platform ladders: Choose between 4-foot or 6-foot models with slip-resistant platforms and top rail guards. 
  • Extension ladders: Enjoy the versatility of a ladder that extends to your reach needs — no tools, drilling or bolting required. 
  • Scaffold narrow outriggers: Attach these yellow-coated outriggers to the base of your scaffolding for greater stability. If you'd like to learn about ladder safety, check out our ladder safety tips.

Have questions before buying a construction ladder? Reach out online