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Silt Fencing for Sediment Control

PowerPak’s Silt Erosion Protection Fences don’t just stop sediment from escaping your site; they’re built to keep waterways safe, too. Choose the strength your site needs, including reinforced options for heavy-duty defense.

Protect your Jobsite from Erosion

PowerPak offers silt fencing solutions to fit your site's specific requirements – Type A for large-scale projects, Type B for compact efficiency, and Type C for reinforced durability. Our fences are compliant with NYDOT and ASTM standards. Find the best protection for your project with PowerPak. Need guidance on what erosion products you need? Contact us at PowerPak. Our team can help solve your erosion control needs. If you'd like to learn about silt fences on your own, check out our blog post about the types of silt fencing used for erosion control.