Electrical Hand Protection

When you work with power, you may find that your gloves are the only things protecting you from a potentially dangerous or even deadly jolt of electricity. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets standards for the safety equipment used by utility workers, including high-voltage gloves. OSHA mandates that all protective equipment be kept in “safe, reliable condition.” To ensure your team's high-voltage gloves meet that standard, you must inspect the gloves before each use. Tears, holes, ozone damage, swelling and other defects may require you to take high-voltage gloves out of service from time to time. When that happens, you’ll have to provide your crew with reliable replacements. And you’ll need to do that fast to keep your project on pace for a timely completion. PowerPak Civil & Safety: Your Source for High-Voltage Gloves If you need new high-voltage gloves, we have the high-quality, durable gear your team needs. As you go through our catalog, you’ll see that we offer high-voltage gloves in a range of classes and types that indicate their respective levels of voltage protection. PowerPak Civil & Safety also stocks leather protectors and glove bags to extend the life of your High-Voltage gloves. Are you unsure about which high-voltage gloves you should order? Contact the talented team at PowerPak Civil & Safety so we can help you make the right choice given the demands of your project.