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OSHA standards on hearing protection require employers to provide ear protection products to all general industry employees at no cost. Hearing personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used for noise exposures of 85 decibels (dB) for 8-hour periods. 

In addition to providing these products at no cost, employers must provide PPE options that allow employees to select the most suitable device for them. Each protection device has a noise reduction rating (NRR) to help employers determine the appropriate products for their worksite.

Types of Safety Earmuffs

Every employee has different preferences for hearing protection, and providing options is essential for keeping employees safe and comfortable. All earmuffs will create a seal around the user's ears to reduce noise levels, but how these earmuffs are worn will vary. Types include:

  • Over-the-head: This standard earmuff style includes a padded headpiece that fits the device snugly on a user's head. The headpiece is adjustable to accommodate different head sizes and provide comfort for all types of users.
  • Behind-the-head: If the padded headpiece causes discomfort, the behind-the-head type uses a band that sits on the user's neck to create a snug fit.
  • Hard hat mounted: For employees who wear hard hats all day, the hard hat mounted earmuffs clip onto hats without affecting the fit of the user's head protection. Other types of earmuff styles worn with a hard hat can prevent the cap from staying on firmly throughout the day. Cap-mounted styles are essential in these cases.

Earmuffs to Protect Your Team

PowerPak carries a range of earmuff products with varying levels of noise reduction to protect teams on a range of job sites. Our products are available in the New York, Philadelphia and Seattle metro areas. From flat earmuffs to cap-mounted styles, employers can provide the options workers need for all-day comfort. Find products online or contact us to learn more.