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Control Spills with a Rapid Response

When the unexpected strikes, trust in PowerPak spill containment kits for effective spill control. These spill kits offer easy handling, equipped with granular absorbents and absorbent pads to manage leaks, drips, and spills efficiently. Versatile and durable, they maintain high job site standards and ensure a clean and safe workplace. Opt for PowerPak's containment pallets and trays for a reliable solution against hazardous spills, designed to withstand tough conditions and prevent environmental harm. Embrace PowerPak for spill containment that keeps your operations environmentally responsible.

Spill-Proof Confidence - Delivered

Control and contain spills with our range of products. Whether you need individual pads, socs or granular absorbent, spill kits that are conveniently packaged ready to be used, PowerPak has you covered. To learn more, check out our contruction site spill kit tips.