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PowerPak has glasses for construction workers to protect their vision on the jobsite. All our glasses are quality-made and ready to ship.

We Sell A Wide Range of Construction Safety Glasses

PowerPak has several kinds of safety glasses for construction in stock, including:

  • Clear safety glasses: These safety glasses have a clear lens, good for most work environments.
  • Infrared-rated glasses: These glasses shield eyes from intense light. Use them for soldering, cutting and light welding applications.
  • Anti-fog safety glasses: Anti-fog lenses reduce the chance of fogging to maintain visibility during temperature and humidity changes.
  • Foam-lined safety glasses: These glasses have foam padding on the frame and lens edges to protect the eyes from airborne debris in dusty and windy environments.
  • Economical wrap-around glasses: Our wrap-around glasses bend around the head to prevent particles and chemicals from getting into the eyes.
  • Scratch-resistant safety glasses: These glasses are less likely to be scratched by debris, reducing visual distractions and improving visibility.
  • Safety sunglasses: Our safety sunglasses protect the eyes from sunlight for outdoor job sites.

Buy Construction Eyewear at PowerPak Today

PowerPak has construction safety glasses in stock. Get your order as soon as today with our 10/4 and 4/10 delivery.

Order construction safety glasses for sale at PowerPak. Add to cart and make your purchase. Order by phone at 800-451-5811.