Powerpak in-house High Voltage Testing Services


Free Pickup*

After you call us, we'll ask about the quantity of your items and their Class Rating. Our testing services currently cover Class 00 to Class 4 KV Gloves, Dielectric Sleeves, Blankets, Hoses, Boots, and Overshoes. Then, we'll schedule a pick-up from your chosen location.



The first step in our receiving process is to clean your items with a mild cleaning solution to eliminate debris from daily wear.


Air test

OSHA requires this step as part of the inspection to indicate if there are holes, tears, or ozone cuts. The glove is filled with air (a maximum of 1.25X the original size). If passed, the items are then turned inside-out and checked again.


Volt Tested

When the items are in the machine, they get filled with water. The technician then adjusts the settings according to the Class Rating. Next, the machine is closed, and the process begins. During this process, the water in the tank is energized, and voltage is applied for the appropriate amount of time.


Date Stamped

It is mandatory to test all electrical gear before putting them into service. After that, they must be tested every six months. If company protocol indicates or the equipment shows signs of damage, more frequent testing may be required.



Certification will be provided for failed gloves; passed gloves will be packed and shipped immediately.

with each delivery of tested gloves:

  • Free Pickup and Delivery
  • Certificate showing Test Results
  • Gloves in sealed plastic packaging

*10-4, 4-10 delivery service - see page 3 for more information