Stormwater Management

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Dewatering Bags and Pipe Socks

PowerPak's pipe socks are a practical solution for dewatering and pumping needs, designed for durability to reduce pollution and erosion effectively. Effectively reduce ground and stormwater pollution by filtering out sediment and contaminants. Ideal for construction sites and environmental protection efforts, our pipe socks provide a reliable barrier against erosion. The dewatering bags allow water to pass through while capturing debris and sediment, promoting cleaner construction practices and water conservation.

Solutions for Stormwater Snags

From pipe socks for specific applications to dewatering bags for large-scale water filtration and sediment control, our equipment is effective for water management, environmental compliance, and ecosystem protection, regardless of your project size.

Accelerate Construction with PowerPak

Whether you're handling a minor task or a major project, PowerPak's stormwater management products keep your project on track. Designed for fast setup and efficient water removal, our equipment minimizes site downtime. Ideal for various uses such as post-storm situations and erosion control, our solutions ensure compliance and safeguard local water sources. Get your order delivered next-day, directly to your jobsite.