Cleaning Supplies

Keep your construction site clean and sanitary with our cleaning supplies.

Cleaning Solutions

Construction site cleaning projects require a range of products to cover various surfaces. These products include:

A full range of products lets you tackle cleaning windows, floors, carpets and furniture. You can remove grime and dirt and disinfect surfaces, making work areas tidy and safe. 

Spray Bottles

You can fill spray bottles with various products, from water to diluted versions of more concentrated cleaning solutions. These bottles give you the flexibility to handle many cleaning tasks. The spray can reach areas that might be tough to clean with brushes or cloths.

Construction Site Cleaning Equipment

A deck mop and mop bucket allow you to clean large floor areas quickly and effectively. Store a toilet bowl brush and cup in the bathroom to keep toilets clean. 

Keep Your Job Site Clean

Post-construction cleaning supplies allow you to clean a job site after messy construction tasks. Order from PowerPak online for products in the Philadelphia, Seattle and New York metro areas and beyond.