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Safety Helmets for Sale at PowerPak

The ZERO Construction Safety Helmet is a multi-impact tested helmet with electrical protection, ideal for all types of construction and electrical work, especially the work carried out at height. Manufactured in Italy, the stylish and versatile design of the Safety Helmet integrates slots for cap-attached ear protectors and the capacity for direct fit visors. The lightweight construction and padded inner lining provide unrivaled comfort, and the closed-shell provides resistance from electric shock and arc flash. The ZERO Construction Safety Helmet is also rated for molten metal splash and lateral deformation.

Benefits of Construction Safety Helmets

Safety helmets are versatile and protective headwear for construction and road maintenance workers. When you buy a Safety helmet, you enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased protection: Safety helmets offer maximum protection from impacts on the back and sides of the head. 
  • Better fit: The adjustable chin strap provides a more secure fit and ensures the helmet stays on throughout the workday.
  • Lightweight design: The unique design offers protection and a comfortable, lightweight fit.

Buy High-Quality Safety Work Helmets

Searching for premium construction helmets for sale? Look no further. At PowerPak, we stock durable, lasting products to keep you and your team safe. 

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