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Construction workers provide vital services in every city and state across the U.S. They deserve the safety and peace of mind that come with a highly visible, well-marked job site. Bright and reliable, PowerPak's barricade lights for construction zones ensure drivers are aware of your crew and any potential hazards on their route, keeping everyone on the road safer and more confident.

Benefits of PowerPak's Barricades & Cone Lights

Available with 7-inch red or amber lenses to provide ample visibility, PowerPak barricade lights are equipped with intelligent photocells to maximize battery life by only lighting up during dim conditions. Equipped with three-way switches for additional control, they can be set to flash, display steady light or remain dark to preserve power on non-working days.

PowerPak barricade lights for construction are durable and weather-resistant for long life at any job site, and they come with a mounting bolt ready for attachment to our sturdy A-frame barricades. We also offer industrial-grade 6-volt batteries for long-lasting power. If you prefer a more eco-friendly construction zone, our solar barricade lights will run battery-free while powering six LED bulbs at 60 flashes per minute.

All PowerPak barricade lights are compliant with the most recent MUTCD specifications.