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As a leading supplier of safety equipment and accessories, we stock a large inventory of rigging slings, heavy-duty lifting slings and tie-down straps. Our industrial lifting straps consist of chain, wire or polyester, so you can choose a product that best fits your lifting application. At PowerPak, we only sell items we'd want to use ourselves, so you can trust you're purchasing a durable, long-lasting piece of equipment.

We Offer a Variety of Heavy-Duty Lifting Slings

Whether you need to move heavy loads or large, cumbersome objects, you want to use lifting sling belts you can count on. Our extensive inventory of hoist lifting straps, rigging slings and tie-down straps includes:

  • Flat, round and wire lifting slings: Our slings are durable, cost-effective and versatile. Choose a style to match any job and budget.
  • Tie-down straps and bungee cords: We offer numerous width sizes and either double J hook or flat hook designs. 
  • Chains, shackles and hooks: Our hardworking range includes 20-foot-long chains with 6,600-pound workload limits.
  • Hoists: We offer 1 ½-ton and 2-ton hoists.

Tie Down Straps and Industrial Lifting Slings for Sale at PowerPak

Searching for cost-effective and reliable equipment for your hauling or industrial lifting needs? At PowerPak, we're committed to offering high-quality products, responsive customer service and fast order fulfillment. Order your items today or contact us online for more information.If you'd like to learn more about lifting, rigging & tie down equipment check out our guide on different types of construction lifting slings.