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Concrete Tremie Systems: Precision in Every Pour

At PowerPak, we understand the demands of the utility and infrastructure industry in the United States. When it comes to concrete pours in challenging scenarios, our Concrete Tremie Systems are your trusted allies.

Product Range

  • Tremie Hopper: The Tremie Hopper, molded from heavy gauge polyethylene plastic, is your solution for difficult concrete pours. Its durability and design ensure a smooth and controlled flow, making it an essential tool in your construction arsenal.
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Trunk: When you need to confine and direct concrete during placement in forms, our Heavy Duty Vinyl Trunk is your answer. This flexible chute attaches seamlessly to the hopper with our tremie clamp, providing precision and control.
  • Tremie Replacement Clamps: To keep your Tremie System running smoothly, we offer Tremie Replacement Clamps that are built to last, ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

Choose PowerPak for Concrete Tremie Systems that are designed for professionals in the utility and infrastructure industry. Get the job done with precision and reliability, every time.