Respiratory Protection

Face Respirators

Respirators can protect you and your workforce from dust, smoke, gases, sprays and other harmful airborne particles. They offer a comfortable, durable and convenient way to improve worker safety.

Types of Respirators for Construction Sites

Types of respirators and their accompanying parts include:

  • Full-face respirators: Protect the entire face with a comfortable and easy-to-adjust full-face respirator.
  • Half-face respirators: Low-maintenance and lightweight, half-face respirators help you easily meet safety standards.
  • Cartridges and filters: Filters and cartridges remove harmful particles to keep your air clean and safe.
  • Fit test equipment: Verify your face respirator's fit and seal with fit test equipment.
  • Disposable respirators: Several disposable respirators, like N95 masks, are approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and are safe for various work site environments.

Experience the Benefits of Respiratory Protection

PowerPak carries a wide selection of reusable and disposable respirators, filters and fit test equipment to help you keep yourself and your workforce safe on the job site. To learn more about resipirators, check out this blog post. Purchase one of our face respirators today or contact us online to learn more about your options.