Height Safety & Confined Space

High-Quality Confined Space and Fall Protection Equipment Working in confined or closed spaces can be dangerous, especially when dealing with dangerous chemicals, deadly gases, and other potentially hazardous environments. At the same time, working in environments where there is a risk of falling...Read more...
  • Harnesses
    When you're working off the ground, it's vital to choose gear you can count on. The Arresta line includes high-quality, durable harnesses. Order now!
  • Lanyards
    Check out Powerpak Civil & Safety's lanyards. Available with small and large hooks. Visit our site to find the jobsite supplies you need.
  • SRD
    Arresta SRDs have high impact strength polymer casings and a unique centrifugal braking system, making them ideal for the toughest tasks. Shop now.
  • Fall Protection Kit
    Keep your workers safe and compliant with the ARRESTA fall protection kits. Visit our site to buy the jobsite supplies you need.
  • Anchoring
    PowerPak offers two types of beam anchors to fit your commercial job site needs. Shop now and enjoy same-day delivery in the New York and Philadelphia Metros!
  • Arresta Connector
    Construction workers require equipment that's been rigorously tested to ensure their safety in the event of a fall. Visit our site to shop our connectors.
  • Lifelines
    Our automatic rope grabs follow a worker up and down a vertical synthetic lifeline and have shock-absorbing action. Shop now and enjoy same-day delivery!
  • Gas Detector And Accessories
    If your project requires a gas monitor, our high-quality units will work well for you. Stay safe with our gas monitors. Browse our products!
  • Confined Space Entry
    When you lower a worker into a confined space such as a manhole, you need to be sure that the equipment used to lower him is reliable. Shop Powerpak today.
  • Ventilation Blowers
    Our ventilation blowers can be used to extract or ventilate and come in two sizes. Shop for your commercial job site now and get same-day delivery!
  • Tents
    PowerPak range of tents are designed to protect workers from inclement weather, so your project stays on track. Visit our site to shop jobsite tents now.
  • Perimeter Protection
    Our guardrail systems are fall protection for work place safety. Meets OSHA compliant barrier. Learn more and shop now for same-day delivery!
  • Guardrails
    Protect open manholes with Powerpak's robust manhole guardrails. Visit our site to find the jobsite supplies you need today.
  • Tool Lanyards
    Our tool lanyards come in a variety of lengths and materials to help you get your construction job done right. Order online now and get same-day delivery!