Height Safety & Confined Space

Discover the Best Confined Space and Fall Protection Equipment

Working in narrow or enclosed areas is dangerous, especially when dealing with harmful chemicals or the risk of falling. Change the game and equip your crew with modern fall protection gear, including fall arrest blocks, lanyards, and harnesses. This gear is best combined with our confined space safety equipment, such as ventilation blowers, to protect your workers in smaller spaces.

Heighten Safety, Fall Prevention and Protection

We are committed to preparing you for confined space jobs and working with supportive fall protection equipment. Our collection includes an extensive selection of comfortable and versatile harnesses built to last. For those seeking extra measures against falls, we recommend our Arresta SRDs, which feature high-impact polymer casings and advanced centrifugal braking systems for added peace of mind. Anytime your job requires a worker to enter a confined space, you must equip them with a gas detection monitor. Additional essential supplies include full-body harnesses, fall protection lanyards, anchor points and connectors, fall protection kits, poly-blend lifelines, perimeter protection, and confined space retrieval equipment and systems. With our commitment to safety, PowerPak is ready to prepare you for today's job.

Poly-Blend Lifelines for Construction Workers

Construction workers do their jobs on the ground, under the ground, and above the ground. Going everywhere, from rooftops to below structures every day, they put themselves at risk of experiencing danger in one way or another. PowerPak is proud to supply the gear required to keep workers safe. We offer poly-blend lifelines to protect them while working at dangerous heights. Our 5/8 poly-blend rope can be applied in active systems or restraint systems - used to either catch a worker if they lose their balance and fall or prevent them from reaching the precipice of a building. Our poly-blend lifeline rope comes in lengths from 25 to 600 feet. The ARRESTA® Polydac Rope Lifeline Assembly is resistant to rot and mildew, even if stored when wet, and has excellent resistance to alkalis and most solvents. Our polydac rope has a working load elongation of 8%, and absorbs more energy than any other type of rope available on the market.

Ventilation Blowers for Confined Spaces

If there isn't enough air movement in your confined workplace, industrial ventilation tools, such as air blowers that extract or ventilate, can improve the situation. At PowerPak, we offer a versatile blower with a canister and your choice of 15' or 25' ducting. These lightweight units have a quick-connect clipping system, which allows workers to attach tool-free canisters to the input side for powerful extraction or the output side for ventilation—the 15' or 25' ducting stores conveniently within the canister. With our ventilation blowers, you can supply proper air circulation and minimize the risks associated with confined spaces.

Secure Your Workers with Quality Confined Space and Fall Protection Equipment

Keep your workforce safe with confined space and fall protection equipment from PowerPak. Whether you require poly-blend lifelines for construction workers or ventilation blowers for confined spaces, we've got you covered. We carefully select our product offerings to keep workers safe while they perform inherently unsafe tasks. Check out our inventory today to protect your crew from potential hazards.