Shop Arresta Self-Retracting Devices (SRD's)

ARRESTA Retractables have high impact strength polymer casings and a unique centrifugal braking system, making them ideal for the toughest tasks.

Available in both webbing and galvanized wire, with various combinations of hooks and lengths, ARRESTA has you covered for your SRL needs.

All ARRESTA Retractables are supplied with a carabiner.

All units are tested and meet ANZI Z359.14:2014

Keeping You & Your Crew Safe From Falls

Working in construction sites and zones can literally take you to new heights. When you get there, you'll want to make absolutely sure you have a way to stay put. That's why we offer only the most rugged self-retracting devices (SRDs) on the market: Arresta SRDs.

When you buy Arresta retractable lifelines, you'll get safety devices that meet and exceed the standards set by the American National Standards Institute. We offer both Class A and Class B SRDs as governed by ANSI. These lifelines offer better flexibility of movement and are always under tension to rescue you from a fall.

These SRDs are tested for stopping distance, strength under deceleration and other dynamic testing, such as swing distance. They're also scrutinized for their operation under different environmental conditions, such as hot, wet and cold weather. Their retraction ability, locking function and even their smallest hardware components are examined, ensuring that you'll get a functioning, high-quality self-retracting device.

Contact PowerPak About Any Arresta SRDs

PowerPak Civil & Safety is the number one source for any of your height-safety needs, and we're an authorized distributor of Arresta self-retracting devices. We've been serving the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas for 25 years, and we believe in supplying you and your crew with dependable safety devices, which we'll get to you quickly.

And we mean really quickly. Our 10-4 delivery promise ensures that if you place an order by 10 a.m., you'll have it the same day by 4 p.m. If you order after 10 a.m. but before 4 p.m., you'll receive your gear by 10 a.m. the next day. We want to make sure you have the equipment you need as quickly as possible so that no time is wasted on waiting.

If you have any questions about our SRDs, call us at 800-451-5811 or contact us online today.

If you'd like to learn more about SRDs check out our guide on understanding construction worker lifelines.

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