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Accuracy is vital on a construction site — get it right with our range of construction measurement tools, including measuring tapes and wheels.

Measuring Tapes

Measuring tapes are essential tools for providing accurate distance measures to ensure a quality build. Large open reel tapes work well for long measurements in tasks like appraising or surveying. Shorter tape measures work well for interior measuring. They also have a sturdy case and coated steel blade to increase durability.


Add efficiency and ease to creating boundaries or measuring large areas by using a measuring wheel. Measuring wheels come in wide varieties, including electronic laser-guided models and gear-driven counters.

Other Site Measurement Tools

Other contractor measuring tools include plumb bobs, grade rods and folding rules. Grade rods assist in surveying tasks by determining differences in elevation. Another surveying tool, the plumb bob, attaches to a piece of string to create vertical reference lines. The folding rule assists in many tasks, from measuring to finding angles and drawing parallel lines.

Ensure Proper Job Site Measurements

When you need measuring tools, come to PowerPak. We have many varieties available in the New York, Seattle and Philadelphia metro areas and beyond.