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Ignite Safety with Fire-Resistant Vests

When it comes to safety in the utility and infrastructure industry, you need gear you can rely on. Our ANSI Class 2 and Class 3 fire retardant vests are your shield against the unexpected. Crafted for the hardworking professionals of MTA NYCTA and beyond, these vests are a testament to durability and precision. With D Ring slots, 8 pockets, and zipper closures, we've left no detail to chance.

Stand Out, Stay Safe with Contractor-Imprinted Vests

Show your identity and maintain safety standards with our vibrant orange Class 2 FR Contractor Vest. Imprinted with 'CONTRACTOR,' it's more than just workwear; it's your badge of honor. Your safety, our priority.

Experience Uncompromising Safety Today

Don't settle for less when it comes to safety. Choose PowerPak for the best-in-class fire retardant vests that combine style and substance. Elevate your protection on the job. Browse our collection now and take a step towards uncompromising safety.