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Sorbent Spill Solutions

PowerPak's spill containment sorbents meet the stringent requirements of utility and infrastructure warehouses and worksites. Our products are dependable and can handle spills with ease. You can be confident that spills will be effectively covered while ensuring compliance and safety for your team. Beyond managing spills, our sorbents promote environmental sustainability, assisting you in upholding your dedication to preserving the planet while your site remains functional.

PowerPak's Promise of Preparedness

Don't let spills slow you down. PowerPak's absorbents and sorbents keep you prepared for any spill, allowing your work to continue without interruption. Our spill kits are designed for different spill situations, guaranteeing a safe and efficient work environment. Plus, with next-day shipping, you can trust that you'll have the right spill containment solutions on hand, exactly when you need them.