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The physical nature of construction and general contracting work means employees face different challenges than they would at a desk or fixed workstation. Many injuries occurring in the construction industry go unnoticed until they become debilitating. Choosing the best ergonomic support and personal protective equipment (PPE) goes a long way in preventing these injuries and keeping your workforce safe.

Types of Ergonomic Support Products We Offer

At PowerPak, we understand the importance of providing employees with high-quality ergonomic gear. We offer various products that help prevent strains when lifting, kneeling or bending, including knee pads and PPE back support. Explore some of our top products:

Learn More About Ergonomic Support With PowerPak

Invest in the well-being of your workforce with PowerPak. To request more information about ergonomic support or learn which option is best for your application, connect with us online or call 800-451-5811 today.