Road Safety & Signs

Keep drivers aware of new hazards in their everyday traffic patterns by posting road work safety signs. It’s safety first on the highway or busy city street and our road construction signs provide just that: professional, clear, and large, orange road work signs that make drivers aware before a hazard, not after an accident.

The Transportation Safety Supplies We Offer

PowerPak Civil & Safety carries all the proper road construction items to make drivers aware of an upcoming change in travel. It's important to make sure every motorist is aware of your presence before they approach your job site. We carry more than 20 different kinds of road safety alert systems that will ensure that motorists are attentive when approaching your construction zone. By offering signs, lights, cones and surface changes, you can ensure that oncoming motorists will not just see but also feel when a change is coming.

Road Safety Obstacles

Lining your construction zone with high-visibility obstacles like traffic cones or barricades will help keep motorists on the straight and narrow. These structures act as a guide and warning if a motorist isn't staying on track, but that's not all. They also take the brunt of the force if an impact does occur. The transportation obstacles we have to offer include:

Traffic Signs

When you're working on a job site, it can never hurt to warn an oncoming motorist about what lies ahead. Using road construction signs in bright orange or yellow is the best way to catch a motorist's attention. Keeping your construction vehicles safe is a priority of ours too. You rely on equipment day in and day out to complete jobs safely and efficiently, and you don't want to unnecessarily purchase equipment. That's why we offer a variety of warning lights, chocks and more. The road signs, warning solutions and accessories we sell include:

Surface Tiles

Construction projects don't just affect motorists, but pedestrians too. Because pedestrians are often bombarded with signage, it's easy for them to miss some warnings in sign form. That's why we offer a method of alert that targets another sense: surface tiles. These warning tiles are an excellent way to make a pedestrian aware of upcoming construction without presenting a trip hazard. Moreover, we offer trench covers and ramps that will have motorists thanking you for taking their vehicle's health into account. Options include:

Choose PowerPak for All Your Safety Zone Needs

PowerPak Civil & Safety has been called on time and again to ensure construction zone safety. We've been servicing the New York, Philadelphia, & Seattle metro areas for more than 25 years and are proud to provide the best service and highest quality safety equipment possible. We offer the quickest delivery as well — if you order today, you'll be safer by tomorrow. Plus, we'll throw in some free cookies for you and your staff to enjoy. Please call us at 800-451-5811 or contact us online if you have any questions about the transportation safety supplies we have to offer.
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