Road Safety & Signs

Traffic Control Supplies for Construction Sites

High-traffic areas demand high-quality traffic control supplies. Take control of your work zones by revamping your road safety supplies. Small road work warning signs and scuffed-up barricades won't make the cut. Our best-selling equipment includes water-filled barriers, traffic cones, delineator posts, and MUTCD signs. If your job site requires custom signage, our in-house sign shop has fast turnaround times. Investing in new traffic safety equipment is not a short-term fix; it's a long-term commitment to safety.

Enhance Visibility with Traffic Safety Barriers

When it comes to road work safety supplies, we're all about practicality. Elevate visibility on your work sites with PowerPak's selection of top-tier traffic barriers. Our lineup includes delineator posts, weighted water barriers, traffic barrels, safety cones, and ADA barricades, complete with traffic cones with and without reflective collars. Did we not mention our water-filled barriers outperform traditional concrete barriers? Here's the insider scoop: our water-filled barriers outperform traditional concrete barriers. With PowerPak, you have the power to take visibility to the next level. Enhance your chosen barriers with a range of customizable options. We've got everything from water-resistant lights to traffic cone signs, reflective conspicuity tape, and customizable stencil designs.

Still Looking for Local Road Sign Suppliers?

We are proud to be a producer of road work signs. Catch attention and inform motorists with custom traffic safety signs and stands for your work zone. Highlight hazards and direct traffic with safety flags, bike lane signage, handheld stop and slow paddles, roll-up, attachable j-hook, and rigid road work signs. Our in-house graphics team makes printing custom signs quick, easy, and economical. We offer a wide range of materials for printing, including engineer-grade prismatic, diamond-grade, and hi-intensity reflective material. We can accommodate requests for signs made from plywood, aluminum, or coroplast substrates. You can also customize all MUTCD signs by size. We're not going to stop there; in addition to signage, we supply durable stands to display signs for road maintenance or construction applications. Whether you're searching for a roll-up traffic sign holder or a dual spring stand for rigid signs, we stock a variety of options.

Road Plates and Trench Covers

Leave no room for mishaps with hefty steel plates. Fiberglass trench covers and modular road plates get work and traffic moving faster. Our trench covers and ramps are designed to install over cables, openings, and other potential hazards that could pose a risk to workers or pedestrians. These lightweight yet sturdy solutions are easy to install and cover any length of trench. Our curb ramps offer a hi-vis anti-skid surface for vehicle and pedestrian thoroughfares.

Get the Road Safety Products You Need Delivered Now

At PowerPak, we understand that the safety of your crew and the smooth flow of operations are top priorities. Whether it's redirecting traffic with our reliable barricades, providing direction during low-light conditions with reflectors and marking tape, or maintaining order with our selection of cones, stands, and signs – our products simplify safety. Get the traffic control supplies you need to prevent accidents and inform drivers of travel changes. Choose PowerPak and lead the way in safety and efficiency.